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Germany is making the most of its G20 presidency to drum up global support for African development, urging Western nations to help reduce the poverty and conflict driving migrants into Europe.

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Rome (Italy) - Video released by the Italian coastguard shows the moment a migrant woman was saved from a sinking boat.

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Florence (Italy) - There have been scuffles between Somali refugees and police outside the office of regional authorities in Florence.

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Turkey’s President Erdogan has wasted no time in reacting fiercely to what he sees as another snub to Turkey by the European Union, whose parliament voted on Thursday to suspend EU membership talks.

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Giovedì, 17 Novembre 2016 19:53

Violence breaks out at Greek refugee camp

At least 50 people have been arrested on the Greek island of Chios after violence erupted at a migrant camp.

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Rome (Italy) - A dispute between Italy and France over the movement of migrants has resulted in a stand off at the border between the two countries.

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