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With the candidates chosen for the US presidential election in November, it’s time to count the cost.

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President Barack Obama, the star turn on the third day of the US Democratic Party’s national convention, slammed Republican candidate Donald Trump’s vision of the United States as being under siege from illegal immigrants and terrorism.

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Giovedì, 28 Luglio 2016 22:59

Democrats tip their hats to their nominee

Delegates at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday (July 27) participated in the long-standing tradition of sporting eye-catching novelty hats on the convention floor.

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Philadelphia (USA) - In a stirring address on the first day of the Democratic Party Convention, US First Lady Michelle Obama made an impassioned case for Hillary Clinton – and also for America.

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New York (USA) - Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has picked US Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia to help her take on Donald Trump in the race for the White House.

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  • Ivanka Trump introduces her father in Ohio
  • Rousing speech top trends
  • Goes for the female vote with talk of childcare, equal pay

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Cleveland (USA) - Donald Trump has pledged to bring “safety, prosperity and peace” to America, if he is elected president.

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Cleveland – Ohio (USA) -There were angry scenes at the Republican National Convention in Ohio on Wednesday as US Senator Ted Cruz failed to endorse presidential nominee Donald Trump, ahead of November’s election showdown with Hillary Clinton.

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Cleveland – Ohio (Estados Unidos) - El senador Marco Rubio, uno de los principales adversarios de Donald Trump en las elecciones primarias del Partido Republicano, apoyó hoy oficialmente la candidatura del magnate a la Presidencia de EE.UU.

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Cleveland – Ohio (Estados Unidos) - El senador de Texas Ted Cruz, el rival de primarias de Donald Trump que más cerca estuvo de ganar al magnate, no ofreció hoy un apoyo expreso al candidato republicano a la Presidencia de EEUU y salió abucheado al final de su discurso en la Convención Nacional del partido en Cleveland (Ohio).

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