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Lunedì, 21 Novembre 2016 21:23

Facebook to boost UK staff at London HQ

The British government has hailed Facebook’s decision to expand its UK operations as “proof that business is confident” in the economy.

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Parliament must vote on Brexit, England’s High Court has ruled, in a major setback for the government.

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Lunedì, 24 Ottobre 2016 23:41

Calm prevails as the Jungle is cleared

France has begun clearing the sprawling “Jungle” migrant camp near Calais.

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The plunge in the value of the pound has prompted a short lived pricing row with Britain’s biggest retailer – Tesco – halting online sales of top-selling items produced by Unilever.

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Ahead of Wednesday’s parliamentary debate on Brexit, UK Prime Minister Theresa May faced questions on the thorny topic in the House of Commons.

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Britain’s finance minister Philip Hammond has been on Wall Street trying to reassure top US bankers that London is still the world’s leading finance hub despite the Brexit vote.

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Martedì, 20 Settembre 2016 20:45

Ron Howard plunges us into Beatlemania

Film director Ron Howard brings the Beatles back to life in a new documentary.

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Hewlett-Packard Enterprise has slimmed down further by selling its software business.

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The people of Scotland have made two recent choices in referendum votes. One, entirely theirs, saw them vote to narrowly stay part of the United Kingdom. But now the UK has dragged Scotland out of the EU, the Scots want another crack at independence so they can remain.

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Martedì, 06 Settembre 2016 21:16

UK Government hazy on Brexit

“Brexit means Brexit”. Yet two months on from the referendum and Theresa May’s government has still not revealed its intentions or its strategy for exiting the European Union.

Published in World UK

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