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Washington (USA) – Reaction to the killing of three more police officers in Baton Rouge has been swift. US President Barack Obama immediately went on television to condemn the shootings. He also sought to balance concerns about police abuses, largely against African-Americans, while paying tribute to fallen officers. The President went on to vow that justice would be done and warned Americans against actions and rhetoric that divides the country.

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Bari (Italy) - Italian PM calls for full investigation into train disaster. Death toll rises to at least 27. “Human error a factor”

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has demanded a full investigation into Tuesday’s head-on train collision in which at least 27 people were killed and over 50 others injured.

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Rome (Italy) - Reports from Italy say at least 20 people have died, and more have been injured, after two passenger trains collided in the Puglia region in the south of the country.

The reported figures come from a regional official and the fire brigade.

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Lunedì, 04 Luglio 2016 16:00

Grief and anger on the streets of Baghdad

  • More than 200 killed
  • Hundreds wounded
  • Bombers struck in busy shopping area at the end of Ramadan

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CHARLESTON, S.C. — A day after President Obama called on Americans to end the deep hold of racial discrimination in the country, the lives of three more victims of the church massacre here were celebrated and their deaths transformed Saturday into a clarion call for change.

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