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Eni Basilicata report highlights transparency

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Potenza - The Eni 2014 Report for Basilicata has put the emphasis on transparency, interactivity and the environment. The document was presented to the institutions and the local community in Viggiano, province of Potenza.

It weighs up the balance of sustainability in Eni's southern District (DIME), certified by Ernst&Young, illustrating recent outcomes and future projects in the region. Transparency and sharing are the focal points of this third edition of the annual report, which contains data and information and also serves to bolster interactivity thanks to increased visibility of the content on The portal, which is devoted to Eni's activities in Val d'Agri, has become more accessible and multimedia-focused in order to describe the company and its activities, encourage active exchange and act as a model of direct and precise information with the region. The 2014 Local Report provides a complete picture of outcomes and initiatives in terms of employment, local development, health and personal safety, and evidences positive data on the environment and sustainability. An environmental monitoring system is in place in Val d'Agri, covering roughly 100 square kilometres around the Oil Centre, which is ground-breaking in terms of sampling points and innovative technology. The monitoring network includes various environmental matrixes, with around 8 monitoring points and a housing density of some 60 inhabitants per square kilometre. An innovative odorigenous gas monitoring project was launched in 2014, the only one of its kind in the world. It consists of a network of eight electronic noses, capable of recognising and classifying odors, with an almost 70 percent accuracy rate. "Eni sees environmental protection as an essential component of sustainable development in carrying out its industrial projects, and integrates this objective into its operating activities. The history of Eni in Basilicata shows that it is possible to build a shared development model for valorising local people and businesses, an essential factor for long-term growth," said Enrico Trovato, head of Eni's southern district. (AGI)

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