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Looking for the meaning of life with the help of Toni Erdmann

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The feature film ‘Toni Erdmann’ is a fierce critique of financial capitalism and the world of contemporary work. It was directed, written and co-produced by German Maren Ade.

The movie was the big winner at this year’s European Film Awards.

The character Ines works as a financial adviser in a German company based in Bucharest. Ines is obsessed with work and is constantly under pressure from the management.

One day, her father decides to visit her. Once there he follows her everywhere as he decides to help her find the meaning of life.

To achieve his goal, the father decides to take on the character of someone called Toni Erdmann.

The film shows the influence that certain values ​​of the world of work, like the optimisation of resources and the constant competition, have on family life, love and the sex-life of the wokers.

Filled with burlesque and absurd moments, Tonni Erdmann is above all a bitter reflection on the meaning of life. (Euronews)

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