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'Mimosas' - somewhere between a mystical road movie and a Western

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This edition of Cinema Box features ‘Mimosas’ by Franco-Spanish director Oliver Laxe. Shot in the Atlas mountains of Morocco, it was recently screened at the Marrakech film festival.

The film tells the story of a caravan that is escorting a dying Sheikh through the High Atlas to a medieval city where he will be buried. But the Sheikh dies along the way. Some members of the caravan turn back, but two roguish guides decide to take the corpse to its final resting place.

Somewhere between a mystical road movie and a Western, the film’s style is unique, inspired by its director’s travels through Morocco and his immersion in Sufism.

Mauro Herce’s breathtaking cinematography captures the wild and sun-blasted landscapes of the Atlas, while the non-professional cast offers intense performances, especially the strangely captivating Shakib Ben Omar.

‘Mimosas’ will take you on a journey sometimes as tortuous as the trek through the Atlas mountains but it is also a mesmerising, poetic ride guaranteed to take you places you have never been before. (Euronews)

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