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Ecuador - For the February elections Bishops call for "a moral regeneration of politics"

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Quito (Ecuador) - A little more than a month before the presidential elections to be held on February 19, 2017 (see Fides 24/10/2016), the Ecuadorian Bishops' Conference issued a pastoral letter, sent to Agenzia Fides, where it asks several commitments to society in general. Among the demands there is the need for a "moral regeneration in politics" for the future of the Country and to fight corruption.

During the presentation of the document, which was held yesterday, the Deputy Secretary of the Bishops' Conference, Father Omar Mateo López, indicated the main paragraphs of the text.
"It is outrageous that there is corruption at a time when thousands of people are living unemployment and poor families experience severe needs. Citizens want an honest exercise of power. Corruption clearly shows the lack of control and supervision of the various institutions" said father Mateo Lopez. Part of corruption, emphasized His Exc. Mgr. Julio Parrilla, Bishop of Riobamba, also means taking the money out of the country to avoid paying taxes.
The Bishops wanted to clarify that this document does not represent a political interference, but it is their duty to guide citizens and enlighten their conscience to exercise the right to vote consciously. "Our goal is just to guide the faithful to be coherent with their faith, which also has a social dimension" noted His Exc. Mgr. Eduardo Castillo Pino, Auxiliary Bishop of Portoviejo.
The president of the Ecuadorian Episcopal Conference, His Exc. Mgr. Fausto Gabriel Trávez Trávez, OFM, Archbishop of Quito, appealed to all sectors involved in the electoral process "not to use aggressive tones, as it is a duty to keep a high level of respect". Finally he called on all Ecuadorians, to go consciously to the polls, in freedom of conscience. (CE) (Agenzia Fides)

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