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Football: Catania club owner says he's quitting football

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Rome - Antonino Pulvirenti, the owner of the Catania football club, said he would quit football at the end of the trial for bet-rigging. "It was my first and last time because I am definitively quitting this world," said Mr Pulvirenti.

The prosecutor of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) requested that he be suspended for five years and that the Sicilian club be relegated to Lego Pro, in addition to receiving a five-point penalty; a sort of 'discounted penalty' for his "active collaboration". "I have put the whole case in the hands of a lawyer. I will stop being the owner of the club and I am quitting the world of football for good. This was my last act. The requested penalty was too light? I collaborated with the court in every possible way since the beginning and I told the prosecutor exactly what had happened. Evidently Public Prosecutor Palazzi considered my attitude to be correct and made the request, but it's still a request for penalty and it puts an end to my relationship with football." He added: "I listed the names of other players and situations that are confidential as the prosecutor has to continue his investigations." Then, speaking of the future of the club, Pulvirenti explained: "We will wait for the verdict. Catania will overcome a situation that I created, I don't know if it could ultimately benefit it in some way. Time will tell. I was in a situation in which I received heavy threats. Catania is not a simple place; I received a letter containing bullets and death threats addressed to me and my family. I made a mistake; I should have proved to be stronger." Mr Pulvirenti also commented the decision of Catania's chief constable to issue a 5-year ban from football stadiums ("Daspo") against him: "We will have to lodge an appeal, as a point of principle, because I think that the penalty is exceedingly harsh. This order is normally issued in case of violent behaviour and I don't think I can be accused of using violence on anybody. I have issued myself my own 'Daspo' because I'm going to stop watching football matches even as a spectator." (AGI)

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