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"India's accusations are unacceptable", says Italy

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Rome - The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) held the second hearing on Tuesday in the case of the two Italian marines, Salvatore Girone e Massimiliano Latorre, who are accused of having killed two fishermen in India. Italy's defence counsel made its replication in the morning and India's counsel will make theirs in the afternoon.

  The tone of the replications between Rome and New Delhi was as harsh as it was in Monday's proceedings. Italian Ambassador, Francesco Azzarello, defined the accusations made by India against Italy on Monday, when it referred to it as "a country that does not honour its word" as "totally unacceptable". Italy's commitments to New Delhi in the case against the two marines "have always been honoured", said the Ambassador in his replication, specifying that "it is unfair to call into question Italy's feelings for the families of the fishermen who died" (Ed. note: Valentine Jalestine and Ajeesh Pink). "The sorrow of the families is not being exploited," the Ambassador said, specifying that Italy "has repeatedly revealed to be 'grieved' and provided for their needs." It is India therefore that is "exploiting this situation with the sole aim of creating prejudice against Italy," the Ambassador told the court. Also Sir Daniel Bethlehem, the senior advisor of the Italian delegation, was equally harsh in his replication.
  "India is playing a dangerous game; it has built a house of cards with the only aim of continuing to exercise its jurisdiction" over the case against Girone and Latorre.
  Moreover, the two servicemen have not been charged with murder under the Indian justice system even if New Delhi has already convicted them, he said. The Indian panel of jurists began their reply by expressing surprise at Italy's arguments and seeking to demolish Italy's arguments one by one. (AGI)

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