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IS militants re-enter Kobane

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Rome - Islamic State (IS) jihadists, who were recently forced to retreat from the Syrian frontier town Kobane under the pressure of Kurdish militias, have launched a counteroffensive. In a surprise move, they mounted a series of simultaneous attacks against the Syrian army and the militias themselves.

Jihadists led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi managed to take back Kobane and seized control of two districts of the city of Hasaka previously held by Syrian government forces. The attack on Kobane started early on Thursday morning, when the militias raided the village of Bark Butan, outside the Syrian-Kurdish enclave, disguised as People's Protection Units (YPG) and Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters. According Mehmet Yuksel, a member of the Democratic Party of peoples (HDP), a pro-Kurdish political party in Turkey, the jihadists "came with four or five vehicles carrying FSA flags. They succeeded in evading surveillance at the checkpoints". According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 23 civilians were killed in their sleep, most of them women and children. At least one car bomb exploded near the Mursitpinar border crossing between Kobane and Turkey. Syrian media accuse Turkey of letting the terrorists through, saying that the attack started on the Turkish border at Mursitpinar. The Turkish foreign ministry denied that any militants had passed through Turkish territory, declaring that 63 wounded people had been brought to Turkey after the attack where they received care and assistance. During the night, the extremists also launched an attack on districts controlled by the Syrian government regime in the city of Hasaka, in the northeast of the country. There were several clashes and planes bombed positions held by the extremists. ISIS detonated a car packed with explosives near a checkpoint at the western entrance of the city, which is divided into zones controlled by the Syrian government, about 40 percent, and the remaining areas under Kurdish administration. (AGI)

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