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Giovedì, 25 Giugno 2015 17:33

Danny Glover: Venezuela Vindicating Afro-descendents

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Caracas (Venezuela) - The actor also discussed the current racial tensions in the United States, saying it was positive that people were debating racism. U.S. actor and activist Danny Glover, Afro-Colombian senator Piedad Cordoba, and Afro-Ecuadorean legislator Alexandra Ocles highlighted the shared international political struggle of African descendants on Wednesday afternoon in the Venezuelan capital.

The International Committee of Recognition of Afro-American Culture held a press conference, featuring the three, on Wednesday in Caracas. Cordoba, a prominent Colombian human rights activist, said that liberation struggles against neoliberal and imperialist forces continue in the 21st century. She also emphasized the historical importance of policies like the recent celebration of the Venezuelan independence hero “Negro Primero” Pedro Camejo, whose remains were transferred to the National Pantheon on the same day. (TeleSur)

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