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Giovedì, 15 Settembre 2016 23:53

Europe needs a clear vision of its future, Germany and France meet ahead of Bratislava

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel was in Paris to meet the French President to swap notes ahead of the Bratislava summit of EU leaders, minus Britain on Friday.

Merkel said it was crucial that the EU addresses its weakness, before describing the challenges of security, immigration and youth unemployment.

While Francois Hollande said:

“I believe we must be clear about the situation in Europe. As I have often recalled, this is not one more crisis, it could be the crisis of its existence, its very foundations. That is why we must have in mind to give to Europeans a clear vision of what can be and what will be their future”.

From the political soul-searching the pair picked three main points of focus: security and defence, the digital future and youth unemployment. (Euronews)

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