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Eccentric touches run through Armani show

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Paris - Giorgio Armani's latest show in Paris is filled with eccentric touches. "This collection," he said, "is the result of a vision achieved by looking at my archive, the most particular and eccentric things from Emporio, which is normally seen as a line for young girls who dress like men and copy their mothers.

I wanted to bring back a few elements and put them under a common denominator, which is color, together with a bi of irony." The smallest room of the Bercy stadium, transformed for the occasion into an Emporio Armani building surrounded by tight security and counterterrorism dogs, was filled with attire "of a girl who enjoys herself without creating a scandal, without excesses meaning to shake consciences. A woman who sees fashion as something that helps her to be calmer and to have a warmer approach towards others." In his idea of "getting back certain things from the Emporio that had slid away", Giorgio Armani had fun "making these girls happy". The symbol of the collection is an elephant with its trunk raised, which is also used as a lucky charm sewn onto the jacket as a patch, printed onto a flowing suit or the neckline of a blue dress. An ethnic touch runs through the collection, with its long skirts, jeans and fabric bags. Hundreds of fake braids were prepared for the occasion, linked to the reopening of the Saint Germain boutique. (Ansa)

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