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During London Art Week, 3-10 July 2015, the neighbouring Old Master galleries of Rafael Valls and Tomasso Brothers Fine Art, will present a complimentary brace of exhibitions depicting a grand collection of artists’ animals: The Painter’s Menagerie and The Sculptor’s…
Art and design is pleasing to the sense of sight and it feeds your eyes like a hat made out of chocolate cake. If you dipped a business man in a lake of chocolate icing, what would you get?
Mercoledì, 01 Aprile 2015 22:10

Phan Thu Trang. Four Seasons of Vietnamese landscapes

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While I was visiting Hanoi I was fascinated by the artworks of a Vietnamese artist Phan Thu Trang that in a way combines the freshness of Impressionism and traditional Vietnamese imagery. Eager to discover more about this artist, I ventured…
During my trip to Singapore I have discovered a very interesting contemporary art gallery housed within an Art Deco heritage building just across the Peranakan Museum on Armenian street. The artworks are very reviving and innovative and I decided to…
Lunedì, 16 Marzo 2015 22:00

Frames in Focus: Sansovino Frames

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When you go to see an exhibition at the National Gallery you’d normally expect to see paintings – however not this spring, as from 1 April to 13 September it is the frames that are the stars of the latest…

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