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Martedì, 03 Gennaio 2017 00:04

Three die in Somali militant attack

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Suicide bombers have attacked the main peacekeeping base in the capital of Somalia.
Sao Paulo (Brazil) - A gunman has stormed a New Year’s party at a house in Brazil, killing eleven people including his ex-wife and eight-year-old son.
On the third day of the renewed Iraqi offensive to retake Mosul from ISIL militants, scores of civilians have left their homes for safety.
The Polish truck driver who was overpowered and killed when his vehicle was used as a weapon in the Berlin Christmas market attack has been buried in his hometown of Banie.
Giovedì, 29 Dicembre 2016 23:21

Three dead as yacht catches fire in Italy

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Three Germans have died after a yacht moored in Italy caught fire.
The first trial related to Turkey’s failed coup d’etat in July has opened near Istanbul.
Storm warnings remained in place in the Philippines on Monday – although Typhoon Nock-ten, which caused at least four deaths over Christmas, had lost most of its intensity.
Domenica, 25 Dicembre 2016 18:52

Pope Francis makes Christmas plea for peace

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Pope Francis delivered words of hope and comfort, alongside pleas for peace, in his Christmas Day address.
Bartella: Christmas after ISIL

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Gendarmerie scarica migranti in Italia


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