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Lunedì, 21 Settembre 2015 00:25

Migrant crisis brings Croatia to brink of collapse

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Rome - A four-year-old girl has drowned in a shipwreck off the coast of Turkey, while a Syrian man was electrocuted to death on the roof of a goods train in the Eurotunnel. Meanwhile, the arrival of more than 13,000…
Lunedì, 21 Settembre 2015 00:23

IS video appeal tells migrants to 'count on us'

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Rome - Islamic State (IS) has issued an appeal to migrants to return home, where they will be able to 'count on God and the Islamic State'. The video appeal, produced by Asawirtimedia, was broadcast on IS-related channels and "discovered"…
Lunedì, 21 Settembre 2015 00:17

U. S. set to ease Cuban trade embargo

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Washington  - The U.S. is set to weaken the trade embargo with Cuba and ease the movement of American travellers to the island, according to White House sources. The new rules may be announced on Friday, the day before the…
Sabato, 12 Settembre 2015 12:36

America commemorates 9/11, its most tragic day

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Washington - America commemorated the 9/11 terrorist attacks on Friday, one of the most tragic and game-changing events in its recent history. As in previous years, the White House held a minute's of silence for the 2001 attacks, with President…
Mercoledì, 09 Settembre 2015 16:05

Nullity of marriage decided by the bishop, says the Pope

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Vatican City - Pope Francis has revolutionised the marital nullity procedures by entrusting the trying of the case of marital nullity directly to the diocesan bishop. This change reiterates the jurisdictional role of bishops.
Mercoledì, 09 Settembre 2015 15:58

Angola clamps down on illegal immigration

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Luanda, Sep 8 - Angola has cracked down on illegal immigrants in the last week, with Immigration Services arresting 131 citizens from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in the Angolan province of Zaire.
Mercoledì, 09 Settembre 2015 15:54

DRC's Korongo Airlines to close down

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Kinshasa - Korongo Airlines, a company based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo's second-largest city, Lubumbashi, has announced that it will discontinue its operations and file for bankruptcy.
Mercoledì, 09 Settembre 2015 15:45

Turkish police officers killed in attacks in southeast

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Ankara - At least 18 Turkish police were killed on Tuesday in new attacks blamed on the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), as violence in the southeast threatened to spiral out of control and Ankara launched a massive wave of…
Kinshasa - The first festival against the discrimination of albinos in Africa opened in Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The event was organised at the Protestant University of Congo by the "More colors" movement.

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