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Giovedì, 13 Agosto 2015 22:22

Qatar Airways to resume Doha-Maputo service

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Maputo - Qatar Airways will resume its Doha-Maputo connection in late August, after a three-month suspension due to problems on one of the runways of the airport of the capital of Mozambique.
Mercoledì, 12 Agosto 2015 06:15

Italian food exports soar to U. S. and China

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Rome - Italian food exports rose 29 percent in June to the U.S. and China and 9.7 percent to the European Union, according to farmers' association Coldiretti using figures from statistics agency ISTAT. The start of Milan Expo saw an…
Mercoledì, 12 Agosto 2015 06:11

U. S. pavilion at Expo welcomes record 34, 000 visitors

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Milan - The pavilion of the United States at Expo Milan welcomed 34,000 visitors on Tuesday breaking its record of 31,000 in a day. In the first ten days of this month the number of visitors increased 47 percent compared…
Martedì, 11 Agosto 2015 22:51

China unexpectedly devalues the yuan to boost exports

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Rome  - The Central Bank of China's move to unexpectedly devalue the yuan by almost 2 percent against the dollar in order to boost exports has taken everybody by surprise.
Rho (Milan)  - "Ado? Ado? Ado," is the cry as a salute echoing at Expo Milan to greet the head of state of Ivory Coast, Alassane Dramane Quattara. Ado is the nickname his fellow citizens use to greet him.
Vatican City - The Pope called on Christian churches to take care of creation in a letter published on Monday announcing a "World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation", to be celebrated on September 1st annually, the same…
Domenica, 09 Agosto 2015 17:56

First ships travel new Suez Canal extension

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Cairo - The day after the inauguration of the Suez Canal extension, 22 ships took the new route towards the Mediterranean while 32 went the other way, towards the Red Sea.
Domenica, 09 Agosto 2015 17:47

Benefactor helps sick five-year-old visit Rome

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New York - An airline chief has stepped in to help a five -year-old to see Rome before she goes blind. Elizabeth Myers from Ohio is losing her sight and hearing because of type II Usher Syndrome, a rare genetic…
Rome - The Syrian crisis can only be ended by a "political process involving a peaceful transition" or a "military operation in which Assad is defeated", said Saudi Arabian foreign minister, Adel Al-Jubeir.

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