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Venerdì, 07 Agosto 2015 19:16

Kazakh delegation learns about Italian justice system

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Rome - A delegation from Kazakhstan has visited Italy to learn more about its justice system. Italian Undersecretary for Justice Cosimo Maria Ferri said after two meetings that "significant progress in the partnership between Italy and
Vatican - People who had been baptised and started a relationship after their marriages failed were not excommunicated, the Pope said at Wednesday's General Audience.
Vatican City, Aug. 4 - While addressing the 10,000 altar servers gathered at St. Peter's Square on Tuesday, Pope Francis joked, "You are more fortunate today than the prophet Isaiah." The Pope said: "Isaiah had a vision of the glory…
Calais - Calais is still under siege as 1700 foreign migrants have attempted to enter the Eurotunnel that connects the French shore of the English Channel to the British one. The French National Gendarmerie has denounced the situation and the…
Sabato, 01 Agosto 2015 01:19

Zimbabwe lion killer accomplice speaks out

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Johannesburg - Although Walter James Palmer is still lying low after the controversy surrounding his killing of Cecil, a protected lion, in Zimbabwe's Hwange national park, his main accomplice has defended his actions. Speaking from Bulawayo
Washington - Organic compounds, the key building blocks of life, have been detected on a comet by scientists from Britain's Open University. They identified the compounds on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenkoby
Venerdì, 31 Luglio 2015 04:34

Over 100 million Christians persecuted, Caritas says

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Vatican - The latest dossier by the charity Caritas Italiana estimates that more than 100 million Christians around the world have been persecuted. Entitled "Perseguitati" (Persecuted), the dossier has been published in the daily newspaper of the Vatican City State,…
Rome - Paolo Nespoli will be the next Italian astronaut to go into space, Russian aerospace sources told AGI a few hours before the Italian Space Agency (ASI) was due to be officially informed.
Mercoledì, 29 Luglio 2015 20:01

Telecom Italia reaches deal with Netflix

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Milan - Telecom Italia and Internet television giant Netflix agreed to give clients of Tim, Telecom Italia's mobile phone branch, direct access to Netflix through a set-top box.

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