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Martedì, 28 Luglio 2015 01:28

Al Qaeda in the Maghreb factions join Islamic State

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Algiers - Several factions of the Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) jihadist group have supposedly joined the Islamic State (ISIS) following an irreconcilable dispute with the group's leader, reported the "Tsa" Algerian news agency and the "Algeria1" news…
Shanghai - Andy Warhol and Mimmo Rotella will be on display together for the first time ever in Shanghai in a show displaying around a hundred original works by the two famed artists of the 20th century.
Martedì, 28 Luglio 2015 00:36

Tuscany governor visits Algerian Cevital plant

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Algiers - The Governor of the Tuscany region, Enrico Rossi, visited Mediterranean Float Glass in the Algerian town of Larbaa on Monday. It is the largest glassware manufacturer in Africa and is part of the Algerian Cevital Group, which has…
WE work the landIt is difficult to imagine the territory of Reggio Emilia as an everchanging world and yet, passing through the many histories ofthe land on display, we realise that this landscape had changed incessantly over the centuries, giving…
Venice - About half a billion euros has been lost to the Veneto reigon because of the sanctions against Russia, said its President Luca Zaia.
Giovedì, 23 Luglio 2015 23:40

Earth-like planet discovered in habitable zone

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Miami - Astronomers from NASA's planet-hunting Kepler Space Telescope announced the discovery of a 'sibling' Earth, describing it as "something people have dreamed about for thousands of years".
Giovedì, 23 Luglio 2015 23:26

Another Italian astronaut to board ISS in May 2017

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Rome - Another Italian astronaut will join the International Space Station (ISS) in May 2017, the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and European Space Agency (ESA) announced on Thursday.
Mercoledì, 22 Luglio 2015 23:20

Over 1500 children in Congo trained for Jihad

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Vatican City - over 1500 children between the age of 9 and 15 have been prepared for Jihad in camps of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The news was reported in a document sent to the Aiuto alla Chiesa che…
Rome - The observations of the ALMA (Atacama Large Millimetre/submillimetre Array) telescope of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) have identified the most distant gas clouds containing nascent stars within the galaxies of the early universe, going back to a time…

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