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Martedì, 21 Luglio 2015 20:25

Expo 2015 celebrates National Day of Colombia

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Rho - Expo Milano 2015 celebrated the National Day of Colombia on Monday. More than 1,000 Colombians living in Italy gathered to hear a message delivered in person by President Juan Manuel Santos.
Venerdì, 17 Luglio 2015 00:31

Rome to showcase 100 masterpieces of Imperial China

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Rome - More than 100 masterpieces from the Henan Provincial Museum have arrived in Rome for the exhibition 'Treasures of Imperial China'. The collection includes paintings, sculptures, porcelain, vases and gold and silver objects, as well as an exquisite funereal…
Giovedì, 16 Luglio 2015 00:12

Monte Bianco Tunnel's 50th anniversary in Courmayeur

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Courmayeur - Celebrations took place on Thursday in Courmayeur in the Valle d'Aosta region to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Monte Bianco Tunnel.
Vatican - Pope Francis has said he was "not offended" by Bolivian President Evo Morales's gift of a hammer and sickle crucifix.
Martedì, 14 Luglio 2015 15:10

Miss U. S.A. elected amidst Trump racist controversy

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Washington (Usa) - The new Miss USA, Olivia Jordan, was elected amidst controversy surrounding the racist statements made by Donald Trump and the withdrawal of some major TV networks.
Venerdì, 10 Luglio 2015 01:18

Turkey's police hires Italian hackers and spyware

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Istanbul - Turkish police has allegedly hired a group of Italian hackers to access private document and monitor the activities of some 'controversial' citizens.
Venerdì, 10 Luglio 2015 01:15

Srebrenica massacre commemorated after twenty years

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Visoko (Bosbia-Herzegovina) - Twenty years after the Srebrenica massacre of 8,000 Muslims, killed by the Serbians and Bosnians in 1995, the bodies are still being buried.
Tehran - Iran has put forward "constructive solutions" in talks with six major powers to reach a final agreement on its nuclear programme by the end of this week, according to the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA).
Mercoledì, 08 Luglio 2015 22:01

World's oldest man dies in Japan at age 112

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Tokyo - The world's oldest man, the 112-year-old Japanese man Sakari Momoi, died at a care home in Tokyo on Sunday due to kidney failure. His condition, his family said, had been growing worse for weeks. Born on February 5,…

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