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Hurricane Newton has lashed Mexico’s Baja California coast, killing at least two people, driving tourists and locals into shelters along the holiday peninsula and dumping heavy rain and sustained winds of up to 130 kph.
Lunedì, 05 Settembre 2016 22:40

Pro-Rousseff protesters demand Temer's removal in Brazil

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There was tension and some clashes as tens of thousands took to the streets of Sao Paulo – in the latest protest against the new Brazilian President Michel Temer following the Senate’s decision to oust Dilma Rousseff.
Domenica, 04 Settembre 2016 19:13

Venezuelan president chased by pot-banging protesters

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Caracas (Venezuela) - A video has emerged appearing to show Venezuela’s president being chased by an angry mob.
Venerdì, 02 Settembre 2016 19:51

Venezuelans march to demand recall referendum

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Caracas (Venezuela) - Hundreds of thousands of anti-government protesters have hit the streets of Venezuela’s capital Caracas to demand a recall referendum on President Nicolas Maduro’s rule.
Giovedì, 01 Settembre 2016 19:30

Temer faces uncertain two years at the top in Brazil

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Michel Temer appeared to be the main winner in the first round of the Brazilian crisis that has shaken the country since December, but it could be a short-term triumph as his own weaknesses could trip him up.
Dilma Rousseff has been removed from presidential office after Brazil’s Senate voted to impeach her.
Today (August 31) could mark the beginning of a new era for Brazil, if the main prosecutor in suspended President Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment trial has his way.
Mexico’s Police Commissioner has been dismissed following damning allegations of abuse by security forces.
We are about to witness a “serious violation” of the constitution and a “coup d’etat.” Those, the words from suspended Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff, who has been defending herself before the Senate in her impeachment trial.

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