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Martedì, 09 Agosto 2016 00:21

Dozens killed in mudslides on Mexico's Pacific coast

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Mudslides in eastern Mexico have killed at least 38 people over the weekend.
Both temperatures and spirits soared in Rio on the first day of the 31st summer Olympics.
Protesters set fire to the Brazilian flag in Rio ahead of the Olympic Opening Ceremony on Friday, angry at a spectacle they feel has nothing to do with them.
Sabato, 06 Agosto 2016 05:00

How much does it cost to host an Olympic Games?

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Brazil has not had the easiest of run-in as the opening ceremony approaches for the XXXI Olympiad. The Games are taking place against a backdrop of social unrest, unpaid workers and a political scandal engulfing the government.
Venerdì, 05 Agosto 2016 22:01

Rio gets arty for Olympics!

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Athletes and visitors arriving in Rio for the Olympics are getting a colourful welcome – thanks to some amazing street art!
Venerdì, 05 Agosto 2016 15:56

Venezuela-Colombia discuss full border opening

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Caracas (Venezuela) - The foreign ministers of Venezuela and Colombia have met to discuss moves to open up their joint border, a year after Caracas closed crossings in a crackdown on smuggling.
Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro has appointed a top general as the country’s interior minister as part of a cabinet reshuffle, despite General Nestor Reverol being accused in the US of abetting cocaine smuggling.
Caracas (Venezuela) - Venezuela’s National Election Council (CNE) says the opposition has collected enough signatures to pave the way for a referendum against President Nicolas Maduro.
There have been emotional scenes as the mother-in-law of Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone was reunited with loved ones, after being rescued by police from the Brazilian hideout where she had been held for over a week.

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