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Giovedì, 25 Giugno 2015 17:38

Femicide in Honduras Reach Epidemic Levels

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Caracas (Venezuela) - A women association warned Wednesday that murders of women in the Central American country had now hit epidemic levels. Femicides in Honduras are epidemic with 12 women dying from gender-based violence out of every 100,000 residents, said…
Giovedì, 25 Giugno 2015 17:33

Danny Glover: Venezuela Vindicating Afro-descendents

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Caracas (Venezuela) - The actor also discussed the current racial tensions in the United States, saying it was positive that people were debating racism. U.S. actor and activist Danny Glover, Afro-Colombian senator Piedad Cordoba, and Afro-Ecuadorean legislator Alexandra Ocles highlighted…
Giovedì, 25 Giugno 2015 17:23

Diego Maradona's Father Passes Away at 87

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Caracas (Venezuela) - The father of the Argentine soccer star had been hospitalized as a result of coronary and respiratory complications. The father of Argentine soccer star Diego Maradona, passed away Thursday in hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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