ANNO XVI Settembre 2022.  Direttore Umberto Calabrese

There was tension and some clashes as tens of thousands took to the streets of Sao Paulo – in the latest protest against the new Brazilian President Michel Temer following the Senate’s decision to oust Dilma Rousseff.

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Caracas (Venezuela) - In Venezuela the trial of strength between Nicolás Maduro and his enemies has lasted eight months, ever since the opposition seized a parliamentary majority for the first time in 16 years.

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Michel Temer appeared to be the main winner in the first round of the Brazilian crisis that has shaken the country since December, but it could be a short-term triumph as his own weaknesses could trip him up.

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Incumbent Ali Bongo Ondimba has been declared president-elect of Gabon after polling 49.85% of votes whiles his main opponent, Jena Ping polled 48.16 % according to the electoral body.

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Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has been sworn in as Peru’s new president, kicking off a five-year term.

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