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Rome (Italy) - The leaders of France, Germany and Italy are meeting on Monday to discuss how the European Union can best bounce back in the wake of Britain’s Brexit vote.

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Could hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees Turkey is currently preventing from crossing into Europe be on the move westwards again soon?

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Venerdì, 05 Agosto 2016 22:17

Turkey calls Austria 'racist'

The war of words between Austria’s Foreign minister Sebastian Kurz, and his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu has escalated – or, rather descended into ugly name-calling.

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Giovedì, 04 Agosto 2016 00:00

Europe - Turkey: At odds

Tensions between Ankara and Brussels are on the rise. Since the coup attempt, the EU has made daily demands on Turkey to act within the rule of law.

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A children’s charity claims hold-ups in funding mean nearly one million Syrian child refugees are going without education.

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Mercoledì, 03 Agosto 2016 01:09

Erdogan: West 'supports terror'

President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan has once again spoken out against the country’s allies in the West, saying that they supported last months attempted military coup.

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Brussels (EU) - Eurotunnel has lowered its profit forecast for this year and next because the Brexit vote caused the value of the pound to drop.

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Paris (France) - With less than a year until the next presidential election, Francois Hollande used his last Bastille Day address to defend his legacy. Steering the country through the financial crisis, terrorism attacks and the fallout from the Brexit vote, the French President cast himself as a guardian of the Republic.

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Warsaw (Poland) - US President Barack Obama has met with EU leaders ahead of the NATO summit in Poland, minus the outgoing British Prime Minister David Cameron, to discuss the implications of Britain’s leaving the European Union.

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London (United Kingdom) - “One of the reasons why we should keep our options open is: yes, the referendum express the will of the people, but the will of the people is entitled to change.”

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