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Europe has, to date, reduced the economies and social status of the African peoples to the bone. First there was colonialism, then post colonialism and various forms of control, including the French one on the coins of the former colonies, assuring the tax on exports and plundering the natural resources of which the black continent is rich.

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Lunedì, 20 Febbraio 2017 19:08

Donald Trump's rocky first month

It has been a turbulent month since Donald Trump took charge as the 45th US President on the 20th January. Those who thought he was going to “settle down” once he got into the White House have had to think again. Shortly after his inaugural parade ended, Trump went directly to the Oval Office and signed his first executive order as president. He christened the Resolute Desk by signing an order to confirm General James Mattis as Secretary of Defense and another order to ‘ease the burden of Obamacare’.

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Sabato, 11 Febbraio 2017 19:31

US: Trump could issue new travel ban order

US president Donald Trump says he is considering a new travel ban executive order – and it could be issued as early as next week.

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Mercoledì, 08 Febbraio 2017 21:52

Trump ban hits travel to the United States

President Trump’s temporary ban on entry for people from seven Muslim-majority countries seems to be deterring people from going to the United States, according to a travel analysis company.

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Here is a small selection of the people affected by Donald Trump’s travel ban on nationals from seven Muslim-majority countries.

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A diplomatic standoff is brewing between the US and Mexico over a proposed wall on the border.

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US President Barack Obama has ended the immigration policy that allowed any Cuban who reached US soil to remain and be granted residency.

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Bulgarian authorities say one of the organisers of this week’s riots at a refugee shelter belongs to a ‘radical cell’.

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Temporary accommodation in shipping containers is coming to an end for hundreds of minors in Calais.

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Hundreds of migrants including unaccompanied children are still said to be in the camp in Calais known as ‘the Jungle’, a day after French officials declared that it had been cleared.

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