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Libya: five years on from the death of Gaddafi

Five years ago, the wave of anger that fuelled the Arab Spring revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia crashed into Libya. After several months of fierce fighting, anti-government rebels seized control of the capital Tripoli.

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Thousands of migrants have been rescued off the coast of Libya in just 24 hours.

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It has been the most significant stronghold for ISIL outside Syria and Iraq. Now Libyan forces say they are close to capturing Sirte, pushing out the militants.

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Rome (Italy) - As many as 8,300 migrants have been plucked from the Mediterranean in the last five days, according to Italian authorities.

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Rome - Islamic State (IS) militants on Friday set fire to a hospital in Sirte, in the east of Libya, a day after shelling a district inhabited by the Ferjani clan who had rebelled against them. The shelling killed 38 people. According to Tunisian daily "al Wasat", Sunni jihadists killed 22 patients before setting fire to the facility.

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