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Mercoledì, 08 Febbraio 2017 21:59

Argentina : topless protest

Following the banishing of bare-breasted women sunbathers from a beach in Buenos Aires, dozens of topless protesters, along with hundreds of fully-clothed supporters have taken to the streets. They hope to claim their right to sunbathe semi-nude, just as men do.

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Venerdì, 27 Gennaio 2017 13:34

The rights and wrongs of women's rights

This edition of Business Line looks at women’s rights in Europe and beyond.

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The Sundance Film Festival is in full swing but at the venue in Park City, Utah the Women’s March filled Main Street as Trump’s inauguration was in everybody’s minds at the weekend.

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It might become the biggest protest event in US history. This Saturday, tens of thousands of people or more are supposed to take to the streets of Washington DC to join the “Women’s march”, an anti-Trump protest event supporting solidarity for minorities.

Published in People UK

US President-elect Donald Trump’s first full day in office appears likely to be marked by one of the biggest demonstrations in American history.

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Egypt announced this weekend it intends to tighten legislation against Female Genital Mutilation, and has published a proposed law that will hit anyone performing the operation with up to seven years in jail.

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