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Manchester by the Sea wins plaudits and is tipped to pick up a raft of awards

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The American independent production “Manchester by the Sea” breaks with the current rules of Hollywood. It is a melodrama, full of modesty and delicacy, about the tragic life of a middle class family in the United States.

Lee Chandler is a rude and violent man. When his brother dies, Lee is forced to return to his hometown and take custody of his nephew. It is a change that will force him to face the enormous tragedy that prevents him from being happy.

At first, as the viewer you do not know why Lee Chandler has trouble taking care of his nephew. But little by little, thanks to a series of flashbacks, director Kenneth Lonergan reveals to us the terrible past of this character.

“Manchester by the Sea” is distinguished by the delicacy with which it depicts sadness and mourning. Casey Affleck plays the main role in a masterful manner and is one of the leading favorites to be nominated for an Oscar in the Best Actor category. (Euronews)

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