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At least 16 people are dead after a coach carrying students crashed in northern Italy.
Italy’s Antonio Tajani finished first in the second round of voting to choose a new European Parliament president on Tuesday.
Lunedì, 16 Gennaio 2017 18:17

Donald Trump on refugees, Nato, Merkel and Brexit

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“Brexit is going to be a great thing”, Germany’s Angela Merkel is Europe’s most important leader and the lifting of sanctions against Russia could happen.
As fighting goes on between ISIL militants and Iraqi soldiers in the city of Mosul, many people in eastern districts recaptured by government forces are attempting to return to some kind of normal daily life.
Sabato, 14 Gennaio 2017 23:26

Clashes between police and refugees in Florence

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Florence (Italy) - There have been scuffles between Somali refugees and police outside the office of regional authorities in Florence.
Before he leaves office, Obama had one last surprise for his vice-president. The US commander-in-chief gave an emotional send off to Joe Biden, with a very special award.
Giovedì, 12 Gennaio 2017 23:35

Trump blasts US spy agencies over Russia claims

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In his first press conference since winning the White House, Donald Trump has blasted America’s spy agencies and the media, accusing them of leaking salacious allegations about him.
Donald Trump has given his first post-election press conference, an at times lively affair during which Trump claimed he was leading a movement the likes of which the world had never seen.
Rome, (Italy) - Italian police said Tuesday that they have smashed a cyber-espionage ring that for years collected sensitive data on politicians, public institutions and administrations, professional studios and top entrepreneurs.

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