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Warsaw (Poland) - US President Barack Obama has met with EU leaders ahead of the NATO summit in Poland, minus the outgoing British Prime Minister David Cameron, to discuss the implications of Britain’s leaving the European Union.
Venerdì, 08 Luglio 2016 16:24

America and guns: some facts and stats

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The USA had 2.9 gun murders per 100,000 of population That’s according to 2012 data published by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). It shows, however, the USA is not the world’s worst. Honduras takes that prize,…
It is a ceasefire in all but name, the Syrian military’s declaration of a 72-hour “regime of calm”, coinciding with the end of Ramadan, that began at one o’clock on Wednesday morning, and will end at midnight on Friday.
Milan (Italy) - Milan’s Universal Expo 2015 was themed around food, and now it seems plenty filled their plates with lavish kickbacks, tax fraud, money laundering and criminal association.
Lunedì, 04 Luglio 2016 15:48

Turkish ship arrives in Israel with aid for Gaza

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A week on from restoring ties, a Turkish ship has arrived in Israel with 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid bound for Gaza. The “Lady Leyla” is carrying food, toys and clothes to hand out before the start of of Eid…
A suicide bomber has died in a blast opposite the US Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, state TV reports. Two security guards were said to be lightly injured after the man detonated a device in the Red Sea city in…
Rome (Italy) - Italy has portrayed the latest phase of the restoration of Rome’s Colosseum as the standard bearer for the protection of the country’s vast cultural heritage.
Video footage has emerged purporting to show a suspect shooting a plain-clothes policeman at point blank range during Tuesday’s (June 28) gun and bomb attack on Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport.
Martedì, 22 Settembre 2015 12:39

Refugees to go from Italy to France and Germany

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Rome - Deeply divided by the emergency and with walls going up in Europe, EU member states this week are seeking an agreement on the redistribution of 120,000 refugees.  

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