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At least 10 people, mostly police officers, have been killed in northern Sinai after a suicide bomber rammed a lorry into a security check point.
Venerdì, 06 Gennaio 2017 21:37

Syria: Russia begins withdrawing troops

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Russia has reportedly begun a draw down of its military forces in Syria.
Iraqi forces have launched a fresh offensive to retake cities controlled by the so-called Islamic State group.
US President Barack Obama has urged fellow Democrats to preserve his legacy-defining healthcare law.
Martedì, 03 Gennaio 2017 00:00

Deadly car bomb attack in Baghdad claimed by ISIL

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ISIL militants in Iraq are claiming responsibility for a suicide car bomb attack that has killed more than 20 people in Baghdad’s Sadr City.
Lunedì, 02 Gennaio 2017 15:22

Expelled Russian diplomats arrive back in Moscow

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A plane carrying 35 Russian diplomats and their families, who have been expelled by order of President Barack Obama, has arrived back in Moscow.
Sabato, 31 Dicembre 2016 16:53

Deadly double bombing at Baghdad market

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Twin explosions in a busy market in central Baghdad on Saturday killed over 27 people and injured dozens more.
Iraqi forces continue to pound ISIL positions in the city of Mosul, the last militant stronghold in the Iraq.
Syria, Russia and Turkey have declared that a ceasefire will come into effect at midnight on Thursday in Syria – but it won’t include Islamic state or a group which once had links to al-Qaida.

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