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Giovedì, 01 Novembre 2018 11:13

Sino-italian forum on green industry development

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Taking care of materials, energy, natural resources increasing the efficiency of production processes, adopting innovative solutions and developing new business models for more sustainable products and services The Sino-Italian Forum on Green Industry Development is jointly organized by the Italian…
Europe has, to date, reduced the economies and social status of the African peoples to the bone. First there was colonialism, then post colonialism and various forms of control, including the French one on the coins of the former colonies,…
U.S., British and French forces launched military air strikes on multiple government targets in Syria early on Saturday in response to a poison gas attack that killed dozens of people last week.
Lunedì, 02 Aprile 2018 07:11

Peace does not travel alone

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From Palm Sunday to Easter we passed within seven days from the olive branch to the drama of martyrdom and the death of Jesus. In all these days the most popular word was “peace” as if we had somehow wanted…
Since 1 December, the inspection vessel ‘AEGIS I’ has been patrolling in the Adriatic Sea as part of a joint deployment plan for the Mediterranean. The European Fisheries Control Agency (EFCA) is collaborating with Greece, Italy and Croatia who will…
Bruxelles. The inaugural meeting of the Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Group on the EU police agency Europol was opened at the European Parliament in Brussels on Monday afternoon.
Venerdì, 29 Settembre 2017 10:13

EU Public Prosecutor to fight financial fraud

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Civil Liberties MEPs on Thursday gave the go ahead to setting up a European Public Prosecutor to fight fraud against EU funds and protect taxpayers’ money.
A van has ploughed into crowds in the busy Las Ramblas area of central Barcelona in what police are treating as a “terror attack”.
Washington. A delegation from the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee this week visited Washington for the first time under the new US administration to take stock of developments in the field of data protection, counter-terrorism and immigration.The upcoming…

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