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Lunedì, 14 Novembre 2016 15:55

Several wounded in Istanbul explosion

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Istanbul (Turkey)  - Several people have been wounded in an explosion in the Maltepe district of Istanbul, according to reports.
Domenica, 13 Novembre 2016 16:12

Powerful earthquake hits New Zealand

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A powerful earthquake has struck New Zealand’s South Island around 90 kilometres north of Christchurch.
Venerdì, 11 Novembre 2016 21:37

Ku Klux Klan to hold Trump victory rally

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A US civil rights group says it is monitoring reports of several incidents targeting Muslims since Donald Trump’s election victory on Tuesday.
Donald Trump has made no secret about his admiration for the Russian President, but will that lead to a concrete change in US-Russia relations?
Mercoledì, 09 Novembre 2016 18:19

US election: An anxious night for both camps

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After all of the tough talking, pledges, promises and controversy, it was never going to be anything but an anxious election night in the US.
The parliament in Hungary has narrowly rejected a plan to ban the resettlement of migrants.
Lunedì, 07 Novembre 2016 16:29

Operation 'Euphrates Anger' underway in Syria

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A new US-backed Kurdish and Arab offensive is underway aimed at retaking the northern city of Raqqa – ISIL’s de facto capital in Syria.
Police have fired tear gas to disperse crowds of demonstrators in Istanbul.
Giovedì, 03 Novembre 2016 17:18

Watch: 84-year-old man trips armed jewellery thief

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84-year-old Chilean Raul Munoz shocked onlookers and his wife on Saturday, October 29, when he leapt into action to stop an armed robber.

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