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Venerdì, 13 Gennaio 2017 14:49

A laser printer without ink or toner

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Lasers that ‘softly’ burn paper could be the next evolution in printing. Former students of the University of Technology in Delft, Netherlands, have developed a technology that can print on any kind of paper without consumables, such as toner or…
Giovedì, 12 Gennaio 2017 23:20

Amazon is latest US company to announce jobs surge

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Amazon has revealed plans to hire an additional 100,000 full-time workers in the United States.
Toyota has been touting its production plans in the United States, joining other carmakers at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit who are keen to avoid being tweeted by Donald Trump over where they build their vehicles.
Yahoo is to change its name to Altaba after it sells its main internet business to the telecoms firm Verizon Communications.
A former Volkswagen executive has reportedly been arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on charges of conspiracy to defraud, linked to its cheating of exhaust emissions tests.
Venerdì, 06 Gennaio 2017 22:45

US job growth slows in December, wages rebound

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The number of people in work in the United States rose by less than expected in December, however November’s numbers were revised upwards and there was a rebound in wages, pointing to sustained growth in the labour market.
Mercoledì, 04 Gennaio 2017 23:49

Peso slumps as Ford cancels Mexico plant

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Mexico’s currency, the peso, tumbled again on Wednesday, hitting a new record low against the dollar after Ford cancelled plans to build a huge car-making plant in the country following criticism by President-elect Donald Trump.
Britain is again going literary to boost tourism in 2017.
Beijing (China) – China should set a more flexible economic growth target this year to create more room for reforms, a central bank adviser told the official Xinhua news agency, suggesting a range of 6.0 to 7.0 percent versus 6.5…

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