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Washington, Friday January 17 at 7PM WE HAVE BEEN SEPARATED monologue written by Marcello Galati and performed by Tiziana Risolo (reciting voice) Felicia Toscano (music director and guitar) Luigi Picardi (guitar) Gianpiero Antonazzo (guitar)
The High Level Group of the Commission’s Scientific Advice Mechanism has published a new scientific opinion on ‘Food from the Oceans’. The advisers were asked to look at how more food and biomass can be obtained from the oceans in…
L’Aquila – Monday, 4 December 2017, 10.00 a.m.Auditorium - Scuola Ispettori e Sovrintendenti della Guardia di Finanza In the presence of the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani
I will never understand why people just dump their cats and/or kittens...I read articles about how cruel and EVIL people just dump their cats on the streets orin a dumpster. There was an article I read, and I think it…
The UK and France, working hand in hand against terrorism, are launching a joint campaign to fight online radicalisation.
Martedì, 13 Giugno 2017 07:49

Merkel urges more investment, weapons for Africa

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Germany is making the most of its G20 presidency to drum up global support for African development, urging Western nations to help reduce the poverty and conflict driving migrants into Europe.
German officials have opened an investigation into suspicions the Turkish intelligence service has been spying on hundreds of its nationals in Germany.
Mercoledì, 15 Marzo 2017 18:35

US indicts Russian spies over 2014 Yahoo data breach

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The United States has indicted four individuals, including two Russian intelligence officers, for the 2014 hack of 500 million Yahoo accounts.
Martedì, 21 Febbraio 2017 23:35

Taxis cause chaos in Rome

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Rome (Italy) - Italy’s taxi drivers have staged a sixth day of protests in major cities across the country.

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