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As fighting goes on between ISIL militants and Iraqi soldiers in the city of Mosul, many people in eastern districts recaptured by government forces are attempting to return to some kind of normal daily life.

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Iraqi forces have launched a fresh offensive to retake cities controlled by the so-called Islamic State group.

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Berlin (Germany) - German authorities have taken a 26-year old Tunisian into custody in connection with December’s deadly truck attack on a Christmas market in Berlin.

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ISIL says it was behind the New Year’s Day mass shooting in a crowded nightclub in Istanbul in which 39 people died.

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The ISIL militant group has claimed responsibility for the New Year’s Day shooting rampage in a nightclub in Istanbul.

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On the third day of the renewed Iraqi offensive to retake Mosul from ISIL militants, scores of civilians have left their homes for safety.

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The group calling itself Islamic State said it was behind three suicide bombings that killed at least 23 people and wounded dozens more outside the Iraqi city of Mosul on Thursday.

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There is a ‘high probability’ that the Tunisian suspect they are hunting in connection with the Berlin truck attack is the perpetrator, Germany’s Interior Minister has confirmed.

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Last refugees bid farewell in the snow to Aleppo

Snow is falling in Syria, hiding the scars of war as the last refugees are evacuated from Aleppo after a day of waiting in the freezing cold because of delays.

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L’esercito siriano ha il pieno controllo di Aleppo Est dove continua l’esodo, anche se a singhiozzo. L’evacuazione della seconda città della Siria non è ancora terminata ma è stata sospesa.

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